We The Unseen

I worked for South Australia’s youth circus organisation Cirkidz on their production We The Unseen. Using the same 3D projection mapping technology I developed at UniSA and expanding from the work I did with Half Real, we built several interactive projection based special effects to compliment the performance.

Quimo. A deformable material to support freeform modelling in spatial augmented reality environments

Hello Everyone 3DUI has wrapped up for the year, so here is our second publication. We introduce a new material for freeform sculpting in spatial augmented reality environments. Please read the paper, and have a look at the video below.  

Adaptive Color Marker for SAR Environments

Hey Everyone So right now I am at the IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces in Singapore. We have a couple of publications which I’ll be posting over the next few days. First up is Adaptive Color Marker for SAR Environments. In a previous study we created interactive virtual control panels by projecting onto otherwise … Continue reading Adaptive Color Marker for SAR Environments

Behaviours Demo – Android Programming

Hey Everyone So this week I became a member sponsor on www.3dbuzz.com. The first thing I had a look at was their XNA Behaviour Programming videos, which are the first in their set on AI programming. However, not being particularly interested in XNA, I implemented the algorithms presented in the videos for Android. Here’s a … Continue reading Behaviours Demo – Android Programming

OpenSceneGraph, Dual Screens & TwinView

So some of my work at uni involves programming using OpenSceneGraph. Now, anybody who has used OSG before will know that as powerful as it may be, it is seriously lacking in the documentation department. So, this article describes how to do dual screen graphics on Linux using OpenSceneGraph. First we’ll look at the X … Continue reading OpenSceneGraph, Dual Screens & TwinView

Java Tutorial 08 – Intro To Eclipse

This video gives an overview of the Eclipse IDE. Eclipse is a feature packed Java development environment that is also free and open source. In this video we see how we create projects in eclipse and run our programs. Notes: You can get Eclipse from http://www.eclipse.org. It is available for pretty much all platforms. If … Continue reading Java Tutorial 08 – Intro To Eclipse