Web Development

My web development has taken a back seat while I focus on my PhD. However, here are some of the websites I have done or helped with in the past.

Come Out Youth Arts Festival


Working with Bevin Design House and Loud Whisper, I was responsible for developing the content management system and backend code that is driving the Come Out 2009 website. All pages are developed on the fly by taking event information from the database.

The system allows the festival’s marketing manager to quickly and easily modify all website content. Visitors to the site can take part in the Collision Project. All this is accomplished using a mix of PHP, Javascript and Flash.

Thirsty Tunes


Thirsty TunesThirsty Tunes is an online store allowing indy artists to put their tracks up for sale. I was responsible for modifying the LiteCommerce shopping cart software to support music download sales. I also developed an Artist Upload system for artists to upload their work, and integrated this system with LiteCommerce. This means that artists can upload full albums. Each track is available for sale, as is the full release. Visitors can preview songs through a Flash player before making purchases.

Dreamcoat Media


Dreamcoat MediaDreamcoat Media needed a website to showcase their work. I was responsible for the content management system, allowing Dreamcoat to add videos, images, and sound to their online portfolio.

An interesting aspect of this site is the ‘sliding window’ portfolio navigation, which I also developed. This system is written using Javascript and CSS, and works in all major browsers. This provides a much more flexible solution when compared to Flash.

Yorke Brewing


Yorke BrewingYorke Brewing is an up and coming microbrewery located on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. This website allows head brewer Justin to show off his products.

Welcome, to flavour country!

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