Java Tutorial 01 – Intro To Java

This video walks through the process of installing and setting up the Java development kit. It then introduces you to your first program, the ubiquitous Hello World.

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Michael Marner

My name is Michael, and this is my website. I am currently working as a Research Fellow at the University of South Australia's Wearable Computer Lab. I am also the chair of the board and an announcer at Adelaide based community radio station Three D Radio 93.7FM.

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  1. michael….ur VTMs rocks!!!i am vivek Stanley from Trivandrum(Kerala,India);i am doing my engineering final year here….
    i found ur ‘’ link a month back; the energy u have in ur tutorials r gr8….i recently forwarded ur link to all my friends, but ur change to 20papercups is a bit sad, v r not able to download ur VTMs anymore…it would have been a bit more comfortable, if u had a download option….know that u r a bit busy with ur PhD, but when u get time, plz think of a download option….bye!!!

  2. Hey Vivek

    There is a good chance (almost certainly) that I will put the download link back as well. The transition to this website isn’t entirely complete yet, so I need to find the time to clean things up. Glad you like the videos, please be patient while I get the site up to speed.


  3. Hi Michael, I am in the Aviation field and from Benoni in South Africa. I’ve been playing around with minor Aviation management solutions using MS Access/Visual Basic and MS SQL for some time now. Two weeks ago I decided on Java as the preferred way forward in my venture and bought some starter tutorial manuals. I came across your website yesterday for the first time and I must say, your Java VTMs do rock!

    Thank you and keep them coming, even the manuals are starting to make sense now. I would also have to agree with Vivek on the download issue it will make things a lot easier. I look forward to the remaining and forthcoming tutorials. Best Regards


  4. Please continue, this is very good tutorial lessons. I’m trying to get into java and C/C++ so I wanna learn as much. Thank you Michael.

  5. This tutorial is better than a 2 hour sit down lecture. I got it all in just a few min. Thanks and please keep on doing such tutorials. They are indeed of great help

  6. Great work! I decided to begin working with Java today..Thanks for making the introduction so simple and quick!

  7. Thanks a lot for these Michael. I’m starting a computer science course in September and your vids are really really really really helpful and informative. Keep up the good work!

  8. Amazing!!!!!!! Your great. Thanks for a lot for the tutorials, I just recently started to want to make apps for the iphone but you have to have a mac and I don’t have one, so I looked around and decided to start making apps for the Android Google G1 which is in Java. All the other things that I have found our to complex for me, this was great. If you could give me any information or tips about the Java for the Android that would be great, by the way I use eclipse for the Android. Please keep making tutorials on Java and if you could resemble them to the Android that would be helpful. Thanks

  9. Hey.
    I’d love to, but I don’t have an Android. As far as I know they aren’t even for sale in Australia yet so I’m a bit out of luck there. As for Eclipse, I have an intro to Eclipse video here. All future videos (when they get done) will use Eclipse. The reason I used a text editor and command line for the first videos is that I think it is important for people to know how to use these tools.


  10. Same here… I don’t have a Android, but luckily they have an emulator for it in the SDK. I was just wondering if you knew anything about it, thanks though! Like I said I am making apps for it which uses Java and Eclipse so I found ur videos and their great. Thanks a lot for the videos, do u have a release date for when u think the new will start coming in? Please keep them coming, and thanks!!!!!!

  11. Hey, whats up, were you near that fire a couple weeks back, I have not see you doing anything on here. Maybe your just to busy, any plan on the second set of Java VTM’s?
    Thanks for these GREAT ones.

  12. Hey mate

    Yes, I do plan on them. They’ve actually been on the books for a while now, its just finding time to sit down and do the recording. There’s actually quite a bit of preparation involved, its not like I just need to find 20 minutes to do a recording.
    But yeah, there will be some videos, as soon as I can get them done.


  13. Hi. Thank you. Can i download this video. I am connecting to net from somewhere net is not 24/7 and not reliable.

  14. I run into your website while I was searching for Java tutorial videos. Oh brother! I have to tell you, you are a very gifted man. I really enjoyed all the videos that I watched so far and they are simply the best on the net. I am a refugee from Africa and I plan to study computer science one day but I was always terrified getting started with learning programming languages. The reason is that, every time I try to open a book or read online tutorials, I just don’t understand them. I thought it might have to do with luck of exposure to computers in the past so therefore I simply continue to waste my free time just playing games or chatting. After I run into your videos, I have started to learn Java and the book I had even started to make sense now. I am sure I owe this to you. When I get my first credit card, I know where my first donation goes. I am certain that you are busy with school but I urge you not to stop making videos. I would love to see more videos from you. Thank you for your wonderful gift of knowledge.

  15. Michael,

    Thanks! These have been awesome. I have looked at a lot of training videos and yours are by far the easiest to follow and learn from.

    Looking forward to the continuation of the series (hoping you are going to continue).

  16. Hey Michael im starting my final year In september 09 and i wanted to do Further Object Oriented Development(FOOD) which consists mainly of JAVA.. I never did any sort of java before but i did do a little VB6, so i undertsand a little bit of programming, do you think your videos will help me with final year if i study them for the two months of summer or do i need much more experience. I have the will do do it and study it but i dont know if your tutorials will be enough for me to handle final year, please advise me so i can make other decisions

  17. Hey

    My videos cover probably 3/4 of a first semester programming 1 course, or there abouts. You can use my videos to get up to speed on the Java Programming Language. However, I don’t really cover object oriented programming in these videos. We have a brief look at objects in the String videos, but that is about it.

    Without knowing what will be covered in this FOOD courses, it is hard for me to judge how much my videos will help you. However, if you’ve never coded in Java before, they will very quickly teach you to write basic Java programs.


  18. Hello Michael!

    This is Richard from Sweden. I’m just done with your first tutorial on Java and I think it’s pretty awesome. I’ve only been programming in the C and PHP languages and I thought that Java must be my next mission, so thank you Michael for doing such great tutorials!

  19. Hi Michael! This is Mayleine from the Philippines. Thank you for all these videos. They’re very clear, vivid and informative. THANK YOU!

  20. I am enjoying your video tutorials. Why didn’t Java Sun think of this?
    beginners need all the help that they can get. Thank you so much, this
    will help me alot in my Java class. Thanks Again!

  21. Thank you for the tutorial. I am a beginner and I am hoping to grasp the concept of Java. You VTM made it easy for me to understand. Thanks a million

  22. I would also like to say Thank you for the great VTM. I am in a Beginner Programming Logic and Design Class but its hard to grasp i think without seeing it in action so i decided to learn java as a supplement and byfar these are the best to understand as a beginner please dont stop making these. Thanks Again!!

  23. Hey
    I actually found this very useful! And it actually worked!
    Granted, when it took me a while to get Java installed and working, but once I did, it was fine (with the exception that javac -version only showed the version number and not all that extra stuff it did with you).

    But yea… really good, and I’m gonna go watch the rest 🙂

  24. Hey Quin

    Glad you liked the videos. The exact output of javac changes each release. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you don’t get ‘bad command or filename’ 😉


  25. This was a great tutorial it helped a lot although the 10 min. version on youtube wasn’t so good but it rocked keep it up!!

  26. OMG, I finally found something I can understand. Your works are greatly appreciated!!! Keep up the awesome work.

  27. Hi Michael,

    I enjoy your tutorials very much and find that your method of teaching is very good. I just had one problem and that is when I use the command prompts it is different to yours and doesn’t work. For example your command prompt says
    E:\Java but mine says C:\Documents and settings\Scirkovich>
    I have the code written up the same as yours in Notepad++ but when I go to do the command javac it returns a message that says
    javac: ‘file not found’:

    Any suggestions so I can start programming properly?
    Appreciate your time and help. Thank you

  28. The Java compiler is telling you it can’t find the file
    Make sure you are in the same directory as where you saved the file.

  29. Did you remove the tutorials?
    I can’t seem to find them when entering the site again. It just says “Get the Flash Player to see this content” but I have the Flash Player installed already.

  30. Michael, great stuff, have some experience with HTML and a little on JavaScript. Wanted to know about the basics of JAVA as it comes up in many of our UI apps. we support. Purchased a few books but your video is the way to go. Like the starting at ground zero approach.
    Keep up the outstanding efforts much appreciated, going to run through your next set of Java tutorials.

    – Colin

    Ps. Also an Aussie

  31. Fantastic Video!

    Perfect for a beginner like myself. I’ve been looking for a good source of info on Java, and this is absolutely perfect!


  32. great video! i got to understand simple terms that i did not really comprehend until i watched your video. thank you man!

  33. Its good source for the java tutorials, specially I like videos. I am switching my job from a SQL developer to java developer. Thanks for the great job..

  34. Hey Michael! First of all thanks for sharing such a useful information in a very nice manner! Secondly you are contributing in the development of the entire world and I really appreciate it!

    For the people like me who didn’t care for programming is now looking forward to learn more in programming! I am holding CCNA and CEH and now preparing for CISA, I never thought that programming would be my field or I would be interested in it! But suddenly I felt like I do know a much about Networking and Security, But I don’t know the **** about programming! And I realized let me take a look on that and you really helped me!

    Yes you are finding me learning java for the very first time in 2012  And I might be the first to put a comment in 2012!

    Thank you very much buddy!
    Thank you very much buddy!

  35. Hey Michael great vids but i cant find the PATH in my computer>advanced> Environment Variables so i cant run javac plz help

  36. Hey

    If you can’t find an environment variable named PATH, you can safely create a new one called PATH, and it should work fine.

  37. thank you michael

    do i just put in what you put then and leave it?

    how can you open a document using java?

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