Java Tutorial 09 – OpenGL and Java

This video looks at how we can use the OpenGL graphics library in our Java programs. This video was an entry in a competition on As such, it doesn’t flow on from the previous videos, just consider it a bonus.

[flashvideo filename=”video/02_02_opengl.mp4″ width=”480″ height=”360″ /]

Note that this video is 1024×768, so hit the full screen button to get more readable detail.


This video is the property of 3DBuzz Inc. Jason and Zak have kindly given me permission to host it on this website. Because it is not owned by me, I would appreciate it if you did not distribute this video. Cheers!

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Michael Marner

My name is Michael, and this is my website. I am currently working as a Research Fellow at the University of South Australia's Wearable Computer Lab. I am also the chair of the board and an announcer at Adelaide based community radio station Three D Radio 93.7FM.

13 thoughts on “Java Tutorial 09 – OpenGL and Java”

  1. I am the only one to comment for another awsome tutorial? WTF? Well then let me be the first to thank you for making this and the other AWESOME VTM!!!!!! U R the man! Yeah, a little hard to understand but hey, not only do I get to learn about the Java language, I become more cultured as well… sweet. Thanks again man. U R AWESOME!

  2. Hah, nice tip Mike!

    I guess like most things in Java, there is a way to do it implemented in the API, you just have to spend the time going through the docs to find out how to do it!


  3. more on java plz dunt stop…cheers
    depending on u ……..wait………….waiting…………….and stil waiting…………..

  4. Hi Michael!

    Your VTM tutorials really rocks!

    I’ve enjoyed doing them all flawless until now. This VTM works just fine until I type the line “c = new GLCanvas();”. Then Eclipse won’t run it because it finds lots of errors. The error message goes like :

    “Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/gluegen/runtime/DynamicLookupHelper
    at …
    at MainFrame.(
    at OpenGLDemo.main(” is “c = new GLCanvas();” and is “final MainFrame frame = new MainFrame();”

    What might be the problem and how should I do to get this to work? Until I type the line and declare the variable c, I get a grey centered window, but as soon as I declare it, it doesn’t work at all. Please help me Michael!

    You’re the man!

  5. Hi!
    I am new in Java and your videos are serving as the best intro for me.
    I have entered into graphics and noticed that I need the graphics package but I have searched every where to no avail.
    Please could you send me the complete graphics package?
    I’ll prefer to receive it through my email.
    Thanks for the marvelous work!

  6. Hi
    I am new in Java and i understand all till this video but …
    I couldn’t understand this lecture actually i am wondering how can i find the description of these commands ? how can i improve my knowledge about this kind of programming?
    how can i use or find other classes if i need?
    if it is possible please make a video and demonstrate this part a lit bit .

    Dear Michael so thanx but we r wondering and need ur help
    Sincerely yours

  7. Hey, I watched this video a long time ago and thought it was great. I came back to see it again and it doesn’t seem to be showing up on the webpage. I can’t find it on 3dbuzz either. Any chance you can re-post it?

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