Java Tutorial 08 – Intro To Eclipse

This video gives an overview of the Eclipse IDE. Eclipse is a feature packed Java development environment that is also free and open source. In this video we see how we create projects in eclipse and run our programs.


You can get Eclipse from It is available for pretty much all platforms. If you’re on Linux it is probably in your distribution’s repository.

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Michael Marner

My name is Michael, and this is my website. I am currently working as a Research Fellow at the University of South Australia's Wearable Computer Lab. I am also the chair of the board and an announcer at Adelaide based community radio station Three D Radio 93.7FM.

11 thoughts on “Java Tutorial 08 – Intro To Eclipse”

  1. very very good lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can i have like this about SERVLETS in ECLIPSE?

    that is how to create servlets in eclipse…………….


  2. Hey

    Unfortunately, I have never really looked at servlets. Never looked at using Java for the server side of web applications at all actually. So I wouldn’t really know where to begin. It is something to think about for future videos though, it would just require a lot of research.

    Cheers for the feedback!

  3. I began by using Eclipse as an IDE, but after watching your VTMs, I think starting out with Notepad++ is a much better option. I simply didn’t understand what was going on in Eclipse when I started out, but after doing all of the examples in notepad++, I feel I have a better grip on the beginnings of Java.

    Thanks again Michael

  4. Yep.

    Once you’ve learnt the basics or are working with Java everyday, an IDE like Eclipse is great. However, I do think it is important to know what is going on. That is the main reason I decided to use Notepad++ and the command line to start with.


  5. Hi Michael, Thanks a lot for detailed Eclipse tutorial. You are really a professional I must say. I have just finished watching all your videos except OpenGL, Great work mate! Lots of hard work to make such excellent quality videos! I am waiting for the object oriented java programming videos as you said in the Eclipse tutorial. Please keep up the good work. Wishing you lots of luck and much success!!! God Bless!!!

    Abdul Haleem

  6. Thanks so much Michael, your videos are very helpful, I enjoyed every bits of it, and also you are fun to listen to, keep the good work as others said, Thanks

  7. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. What makes your videos click is the ease and detail with which you communicate. It is more like a friend explaining.

    Recently my employer paid £2000 for my 5-day Java course, which wasnt satisfying. Your vidoes are much better. There are numerous tutors and courses but only a few deliver, most of them are knowledgeable but cant communicate in a way humans understand. Simply dont understand the reason for the fee.

    Putting that aside. Enjoyed learning from your vid. Please do more of these for the benefit of mankind. :-).

  8. Very god job !!!!!!!
    Thanks a lot …………….
    i have a lt of books … i get tired to read it and that is boring too …..
    but your tutorials video are more helpfull for me
    i am not interesting only by (java) in your videos but your method of explaining…
    thas great ….
    i work on it … you are my exemple
    god bless you Michael

  9. Another awesome, awesome work!!! Looking foward to seeing more videos… Thanks a lot Michael.

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