Java Tutorial 07 – Arrays

Our first look at a data structure – arrays. First we talk about what arrays are, then explain how we can use them with loops to do something useful. We also have a look at the String[] argument to the main method.

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Michael Marner

My name is Michael, and this is my website. I am currently working as a Research Fellow at the University of South Australia's Wearable Computer Lab. I am also the chair of the board and an announcer at Adelaide based community radio station Three D Radio 93.7FM.

27 thoughts on “Java Tutorial 07 – Arrays”

  1. Hey, Thanks a million. I’ve an exam tomorrow and you just might have save my skin! πŸ™‚

  2. hey Bobby!

    Well, it probably would have been better finding these a bit sooner, but I guess its better late than never!

    Good luck with the exam!

  3. Hey Michael!
    Is there anyway to download these VTM’s to my harddrive? My internet is very bad and I can only use 40mb bandwidth a day so I can’t download this every time I want to view it.

    Thanks man

    Love your VTM’s so far btw!!

  4. Videos are so useful man. Appreciated for this work. Why don’t you put more videos about java?

    Thanks so much

  5. Oh nevermind, I got it in the page source. πŸ™‚

    I had trouble with arrays, I have two Java books but I still couldn’t totally catch it… πŸ˜› Your video cleared it up for me, thanks Michael!

  6. Hey

    I do plan on doing more videos. As I have said (probably too many times), it is simply a matter of finding time to sit down and plan, implement and then record the videos. I don’t want these videos to become vapourware, but they will get done when I get time.


  7. Michael,

    There tutorials are amazing, really good, nice relaxed style, just like being taught by a mate. You take things from the very begining, absolutley brilliant,

    I watched them all now, keep them coming!!!! =)

  8. Just got an assignment that I need to use arrays for, specifically 2 dimensional arrays so thanks for the refresher!

  9. Your videos are excellent!
    I started learning Java just to have an idea of programming
    and your videos made the things very interessing and really
    easy to understand. Now, when I see those lines of commands,
    it makes alot of senses.

    I hope to see more of them.

  10. MICHAEL’s VTM ROCKS! Superb! I think you’re the only person in the universe who can make senes of Java! And communicate it to noobs like me. Everyone else who shall go nameless (Malik) sorry…But these vids are wonderful! Thanks!!!!!!!

  11. Man, I really Like your simplified Explanations!!!
    You Made me hear what i wanted to here Why and how!!

    im Taking my Second Computer Science Class, and Didn’t Get the point of arrays till now
    Books Aren’t helpful as well as Writing Codes without knowing what you are writing πŸ™‚
    Suggestion, Can you Please add A video about inheritance? and how to Extend a Class?!
    using fields,Constructors and methods, Showing how to Create Objects from the same Class in SubClasseS?!

  12. I am taking info systems and am now starting java. Your 7 tutorials on java were very helpful. Keep up the good work….

  13. Hi Michael,

    After this tutorial, I really understood how different array declarations are in Java when compared with C and C++. Really useful and excellent way of explanation.

  14. Hey Michael,

    I have now finished all 7 of your VTMs, gotta say… AWESOME!

    I am familiar HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and I can use MySQL via the phpMyAdmin software. As you can probably tell my background was mainly web development. I have used Python before but to no great excess.

    When it came to Java (I just wanted to learn it) I was completely stumped! The fact that everything was created as objects threw me completely, it looked like nothing I was familiar with and I didn’t know where to go with it. I was pretty much lost.

    I had ventured out across the web and found various tuts on using Java. I had tried almost everywhere until one day I came across an old link to your previous website (www.michael_has_a_drumkit…. blah lol cannot remember the name but it was summit freaky like that!). Anyway the point is that I have found what I consider (by far!) the best beginner tutorials for learning the Java Programming language (this is after extensive trawling of the web).

    So… Once again awesome job! It was really helpful. My only criticism is that it was so hard to find you in the first place, I had never used 3D Buzz or searched the term VTM before, so a google search for “Beginner Java Tutorial” placed you, at least, not in the top 100 (I rarely go beyond page 1 anyway).

    Anyway, great job! If I ever get good enough I’ll give back to the community just as you have done!

    Thanks (sorry for the mega post!)


  15. Hey Neilos

    Thanks! I’m glad the videos have been helpful. πŸ™‚

    I agree, I haven’t really marketed the videos well at all. When I originally made them I only posted them on 3DBuzz’ forums. The website was very much an afterthought. VTM is a term that isn’t used elsewhere I know. I used it because again, I made the videos for 3DBuzz and that is the term that they use.

    Then there is the fact that I went through at least two web pages before I settled with 20papercups. I don’t plan on moving now, so hopefully the videos become easier to find.

    Thanks for the feedback

  16. Hi Michael,

    I just wanted to say “Thank you” for creating the Java series videos. I intend to view the other videos and tutorials. You definitely are a great educator. Your demos and explaination of technical concepts is superb. I hope you create more Java vidoes that covers inheritance and polymorphism.

  17. Hi Michael,

    I cant thank you more i have learned so much with your videos, and I’m telling my friend.
    Hope you make more in depth java videos and maybe some how to games on java as well.

  18. You’re the BEST πŸ™‚ This video was very helpful… you have a great way of explaining this stuff

  19. great videos, absolutely useful and very balanced introduction to many topics..

    and great reference/subversive shoutout to bad religion!

  20. Hey Michael,

    Thank you for putting these video’s together, they are excellent – very clear and easy to understand! As others have said you do an amazing job of introducing and describing in a way that makes sense :).


  21. Wow i thought there was no hope for me, but your videos have made understanding java/programing possible. Thanks a bunch!

  22. I watched all the tutorials today. They helped me a lot considering I was a little behind in my data structures class. Thank you so much!

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