Java Tutorial 05 – Loops

This video introduces looping. For, While and Do While loops are covered. Finally, a simple way to do repetitive tasks.

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Michael Marner

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8 thoughts on “Java Tutorial 05 – Loops”

  1. I’m still with you, I personally found this the easiest part to follow. I know what’s going on, how to utilize it, and can easily figure out how to get what I want out of my loops.

  2. Hey

    I have thought about putting all the code up for download. However, I think the best way to learn how to program is to actually program. By putting the code up for download people will be tempted to just read over what I’ve typed while watching the video, instead of writing the code themselves.

    I would rather people learn to program by actually programming, so I haven’t put the code up for download.


  3. i have had a bit of a problem…when i try to get an int from the keyboard the compiler gives me an error along the lines of “cannot find Keyboard symbol” or somthing like it is unknown or similar and i dont know how to fix it pls help me

  4. nice VTM mate!and pertaining to that vid of urs when u said that you might sound probably weird due to the accent.that’s nonsense!anyone with ears can understand ur awesome VTMs perfectly,and what a coincidence I did a code of fibonacci but it was in php yesterday but I’m a noob so it took some time with php being interpreted and all unlike compiled langauges..THANK YOU FOR BEING MY ONLINE JAVA INSTRUCTOR keep them coming mate!

  5. I just want to say thanks for the great videos. Your extensive knowledge truly helped me get an A+ in my Java class. Thanks again!!

  6. The first thought I had when you were creating the Fibonacci Program is that you could have used a do while loop to make sure that the number entered was greater than 0, there for it would ask the user for a number again, just a side note that I thought was a good idea. That way it would not just end the program when they entered a wrong number, and also demonstrate how a do while loop could be used to do error checking.

    Overall I think you are doing a great job on showing people new to development how to write code and even though this is not even close to my first programming language it is my first time trying to really hack down and get Java under my belt. More so because a of all the new mobile development world and the Android. Thanks so much for this, very easy to follow for me. In fact maybe to easy, 😉

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