Java Tutorial 03 – Arithmetic Operators

In this video we look at arithmetic operators, enabling us to do some calculations in our programs.

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Michael Marner

My name is Michael, and this is my website. I am currently working as a Research Fellow at the University of South Australia's Wearable Computer Lab. I am also the chair of the board and an announcer at Adelaide based community radio station Three D Radio 93.7FM.

19 thoughts on “Java Tutorial 03 – Arithmetic Operators”

  1. This is great!
    I tried to learn Java from a book, but it was so complicated.
    Now I’m learning very much!
    You are great!

    Fantastic tutorial!

  2. Whew! Your explanations are so clear. I’ve been staring at these same words (int, char, double etc) in books and even in other online tutorials (even from Sun) and I’ve been at sea! You bring Java alive and make it lucid. Thank you!

  3. I really like your energy, it helps to keep up with what’s going on, it keeps me paying attention. I also like the pace with which you’re covering the different topics.

  4. This is so Cool, I had given up reading the tutorials on and all I saw was “Need to have prior programming knowledge” soo Thank You so much for making these videos.. Keep it going, I am looking forward to seeing more !!!!

  5. hey michael , your explanation is fantastic. you are doing a great job. you have cleared many doubts, i had in java. i was able to understand your way of teaching very easily.your accent is very good too. keep it up !!!!!

  6. not again very very descriptive,absolutely clear,excellent explanation,very detailed not missing out anything leaving anyone confused covering every aspect ,you the key to my sucess,i dunt know how i will ever repay you dude…you the simply the best..god bless you and plz plz plz more tutorials…i dunno how i will ever survive without ur tutorialss.. cheers

  7. Thanks for the tutorials i hope you make more, I’m taking java at my college and I’m learning more here than in 3 videos than in 2 moths of classes that i have taken. please keep making more ^^.

  8. Michael,
    I hope you are reading these threads because I know you said you were going to stop if not enough people responded. I am telling you are a natural at teaching java. I am learning a lot. Thanks!

  9. Hi Kendal

    I’ve read every comment that’s been posted on here, so don’t worry. I’m working on a bit of a big project at the moment, but can’t give out too many details.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  10. dude this is exactly what were doing in first year object base programming
    the exact same material you are teaching in the same order
    thanks a lot its like having a tutor for my classes

  11. Hey

    Yep, to begin with, most places would teach java in the same order. You need to know how to print stuff, You need to know about variables, you need to know about conditionals, looping, and arrays, more or less in that order.

    Glad you like the videos!

  12. Again great tutorial!
    Quick trick for mental math of 11 times any two digit number: add the two digits from the non-11 number together and “insert” the result in the middle of the two digits.
    11 * 24 = 2 (2+4=6) 4 , so 11 * 24 = 264
    11 * 17 = 1 (1+7=8) 7 , so 11 * 17 = 187
    For numbers whose addition together will be more than 10 it gets a bit trickier, but still possible…
    11 * 87 = 8 (8+7=15) 7 = 8(+1) 5 7 , the 5 goes in between 8 and 7 and you add 1 to the number on the left (8 in this case), so 11 * 87 = 957.
    Finally, 11 * 12 = 1 (1+2=3) 2, so 11 * 12 = 132!
    Thanks again for the great vids.

  13. hey man im 13 and doing a science fair project. the project is computer science and i want to do my programming in java tnx so much you rock!

  14. hi,

    thanks for publishing your videos, but the link seems to be broken?

    [flashvideo filename=”video/01_03_java_vtm_arithmetic_operators.mp4″ width=”480″ height=”360″ /]

    Thank you

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